METAFOAM LTD is a manufacturing company with two (2) units of production including the mattresses division and sheet metal production Division. It started with the manufacturing of mattress of 5 different types, and the unit of metal sheet will be carried out later. The company produces mattresses especially for middle income class people which constitute also the majority of Rwandan population. 

According to the research done, almost all the company producing the similar products in Rwanda, produce high class mattresses not affordable by people of low income and middle income range, thus do not satisfy the needs of all type of Rwandan population.

METAFOAM LTD emerged as a solution to this problem, even though it produces high quality mattresses, the big focus has been put on production of average  and even low quality mattresses affordable by the biggest part of Rwandan citizens. The same principle will be e also applied to sheet metal production.

It is in this context that this project has been formulated and presented to the bank in order to facilitate in its implementation, this project will considerably contribute to the national GDP and economic growth which will also lead to the social welfare of Rwandan citizens.